Practical Wuld Cleric


Level 4 Cleric

Height: 3’2"
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Light Brown
Distinguishing Feature: Greyish-blue eyes

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 17 (Primary)
Charisma: 14 (Primary)

Languages: Wuld, Mathojan, Grumald, Sidhe, learning Majohlie & Lokkaar, 1 open language slot

Traveling Armor: Full chain suit, chain coif, buckler & mace of keeva small-handed

Standard Prepared Spells:
0) Light
0) Light
0) First Aid
0) First Aid
1) Cure Light Wounds
1) Cure Light Wounds
1) Sanctuary
2) Hold Person
2) Hold Person
2) Silence


Practical Wuld Cleric sworn to be a positive example through her actions outside the Wuldfeld of both the Wuld in general and the loving Goddess she serves. She also strives to serve as a reminder to other Wuld who travel beyond the Wuldfeld of the home the waits for their return.

True priests do not proselytize. The Wuld’s religion is for the Wuld only, and to willing share divine knowledge with outsiders is not acceptable.

The Wuld have a singular book of law that is tied closely to their religious texts. Although they are a happy race, stepping outside the tenants of the law can have very serious ramifications. They apply their laws to all who live or even trod on their lands.

Murder and theft being the two ways that earn criminals a sure path to the gallows.

Wuld should always heed the following laws:

  • The word of a Wuld is taken above all others, unless evidence points to the contrary.
  • No killing, stealing, destruction or despoiling of the Wuld or Wuld property.
  • Once a word is given in front of witnesses, it is a solid contract.

Wuld customs are dictated by their religion. Trust of other Wuld is assumed, but can be broken. Trusting individuals of other races is not assumed, but can be earned though time and the observation of character. Since theft is a capital offense and a deeply ingrained social taboo, Lagzy finds herself forced to treat the Wuld she travels with as uncouth barbarians due to their disgraceful actions.


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