Shayla Kaie

Mathojan Paladin of The Star's Source


With Armor:
A paladin wearing simple banded-mail armor stands before you. The paladin’s face is covered by a metal helm. A pair of piercing blue eyes can be seen through the helm’s eye openings.

In Priestly Robes:
A priest of The Star’s Source stands before you. Her dark blonde hair is loosely pinned back. The priest’s deep green robes bring out the striking blue color of her eyes. She carries herself with confidence. She bears much resemblence to those of the Old Empire.



The Code of Conduct for Paladins of The Star’s Source

I must lend assistance to those who deserve and require aide.

I must bring honor to The Star’s Source at all times.

I may never use a substance that alters the mind and impairs judgement.

I may never gamble or spend recklessly.

I may never loot or disrespect a final resting place.

I must not steal, ever.

I must not lie or lie through omission.

I must not desecrate my body, neither by public display of nudity nor wanton promiscuity.

I cannot let any crime go unreported.

I must present myself to those in authority openly.

I must fight honorably.

I will not break any just laws unless they directly conflict with my faith. Unjust laws or laws enforced by tyrants require judicious consideration and may be broken if necessary.

Shayla Kaie

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