Korolo's Axe

A Bearded Axe with Fancy Engraving

weapon (melee)

Korolo’s Axe is a Grumald weapon of the age of the Old Empire. It was forged sometime before the Great Invasion, as a gift to Korolo, a hero of the time. The axe was passed down through his sons and grandsons, one of whom used it as a soldier in the Great Invasion. The axe was gifted to a Mathojan soldier who had befriended Korolo’s grandson before he was killed by a Gragul-thal (called Bugbears by the Mathojans). The soldier carried it with him when he was wounded and taken back to Mathoja to convalesce. When the soldier died, he passed it down to his family until it landed in the hands of Oso Helruca, a hero of the Bandit Wars. He died on the field, but he bequeathed the axe to Mathzar (prince) Latrilos, who in turn housed in the Royal Vaults in the Crimson Palace.


Korolo's Axe

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