Mace of Keeva the Small-Handed

An Elaborately carved Mace with a narrow grip

weapon (melee)

The Mace of Keeva the Small-Handed is well documented and rather recent. Keeva herself died about 2 years back at the ripe old age of 121, very old for Mathojans. Although the mace has nothing to do with her old age, it does have a small piece of history.

Keeva was a captain of warriors in the ranks of the Temple of Kalavara around the time of the Bandit War in 245 NMC. She was a capable and smart leader, and old beyond what was normally allowed on the field. She wanted to end her career with some glory in service to the Khzar Halvec, but seemed to be cursed with small hands. Weapons were knocked out her hands easily, and many times she’d go into battle with only a shield, which made her the focus of admiration, even if it was misplaced. At the dawn of another battle with the Bandit Lords, she prayed to Kalavara to give her the means to smite her enemies, or see her dead on the battlefield that day. Predictably, Keeva lost her weapon early in the fray. Giving herself up to death and her goddess when a burly bandit had knocked her shield out her hand was about to deal the final blow, Kalavara rendered her answer. Before the blow landed, something hit the bandit in the back of the head, killing him. Embedded in the man’s skull was a mace of elaborate design, with a narrow handle. Picking it up, Keeva went on to become the hero of the battle, and later, one of the heroes of the war.


Mace of Keeva the Small-Handed

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