Sling of the Kind Shepherd

An Ordinary-looking Sling with a Silver Bullet in the Pouch

weapon (ranged)

The Sling of the Kind Shepherd is an item that has a history lost in the mists of early Mathojan lore.

The current legend is that a kind shepherd’s flocks were being ravaged by men who changed into wolves at night. He tried desperately to drive them off to no avail. He then prayed to the sky god Sulantus for a strong storm to drive them off. Instead of a storm, an eagle came to the shepherd and dropped a sling in his hand. To his disbelief, there was a silver bullet already in the pouch. He slung the missile and hit a shape-changer who immediately fled in fear. The pouch magically refilled with a bullet, and soon, all of the beasts were driven away, never to bother the shepherd and his flock again.


Sling of the Kind Shepherd

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