Sword of Borin Grimhand

Elaborately-designed Old-Empire Broadsword

weapon (melee)

The Sword of Borin Grimhand has been around since before the Night of Day. Borin Grimhand was one of the first Mathojan captains to go help the Old Empire during the Great Invasion. Borin did not gain his name until the Battle of the Rocky Shores, when he and a handful of Mathojan spearmen held back a Gragul sea assault so the combined forces of the Old Empire could make good their escape. So focused was he on his bloody task, he didn’t realize until one of his men got his attention, that the Gragul had fled back to their boats.

He was awarded a fine sword that was cooled in the waters from Paegalum Lake and imbued with powerful magics. The sword became Borin’s emblem until his death a year later. The sword came back with Borin, who was interred at the Temple of Kalavara in Lis. The sword was given to the khzar to give to a brave Mathojan that will help restore the glory of the Old Empire.


Sword of Borin Grimhand

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