Sword of Numberus

An Old Empire-style Board Sword of an elaborate design

weapon (melee)

The Sword of Numberus is a relic from the Great Invasion. It was minted and given to a group of five Star’s Source knights of pure heart known as the “Indalsuri”. These men were heroes from places on the fringes of the Old Empire, and acted to lead the auxiliary forces of the Empire. Even the name was of a foreign origin.

It was unknown where Numberus hailed from, but he was killed in the latter days of the Great Invasion, when the forces of the West were closing in on the Imperial city of Kofina. All that was left of Numberus was his sword. His sword was shipped to Mathoja to be awarded to another owner, shortly before the Night of Day occurred. The sword didn’t find a new owner, and the Khzar of the time took it into safekeeping, to award it to a worthy successor.


Sword of Numberus

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