Astrology and the Planes

The world is big, as was known in the times of the Old Empire. The Mathojans call this wide world Zela, and they have a unique way of looking at it. The Grumald and Wuld have also adopted this name and the vision of what it is, but the Sidhe still refer to it as Argyr, the Father and have a different take.

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Zela itself is a little larger than earth-sized planet. The sages have long known that it is a sphere, but how that sphere is in relation to the rest of the universe holds the most interest. Sages know that Zela has a hot hollow interior where dark beasts live. These creatures are fated to stoke the Fiery Heart of Zela, feeding evil souls into the fires so they can be cleansed. The elementals of fire keep the fires burning with intensity. In ancient times, it said the Mathojans of old could summon these dark beasts and elementals to do their bidding, but this knowledge is lost. Mankind is shielded from these creatures by the mere fact they live in the deep recesses of the world, and by the mighty earthly elementals that dwell there.

Above Zela is the sky where the clouds dwell and defended by the elementals of air, which turns into the Astral Layer where the moons, stars, planets and sun move in harmony to the laws of the gods. They all move in a clockwork fashion around Solus, the Great Star, providing all life with light, warmth, wind and many other things that are taken for granted. Beyond the Astral Layer is the Outer Realms or the Outer Ether, which is home to profoundly dark knowledge and beings.

The moons are bound to assist Zela. These two moons are Mujesa and Ibestral. Mujesa is the one that keeps Zela’s tides and winds working, and Ibestral keeps the magical currents that surround Zela flowing. Every 350 years they cross paths, and Ibestral eclipses Mujesa and opens a portal to the Outer Realms. This known as the Dark Portal Opening, and lasts a month. The next month is when Ibestral and Mujesa orbit Zela together, and this is known as Dark Portal Closing. During this time, magic ceases to work as the dark portal closes. The portal is also known as Oxemcah, an ancient Mathojan name.

There are five other planets that float in the firmament of the Astral Layer. These planets are Borchan, Nomchas, Luta, Alez and Zestral. Each of these planets affects Zela in small but important ways. For instance, Borchan affects growth cycles, while Zestral affects the changing of the seasons. Nomchas affects the currents of the oceans and Luta affects the world’s life and death cycles. Alez is Zela’s twin brother, and its said that it is the mirror image of this world. Rumors have it that some mirrors are a visual portal to Alez, and that the person you see isn’t a reflection at all.

The stars in the Astral firmament are countless, but there are a handful that standout and affect the happenings on Zela. These stars are Torchus,Hamah, Heshical, Dentrah, Athusal, and Oxemcah. Torchus is the most important, and is also known as Guiding Star. It is the northern pole of the Astral Globe, and it affects fate. Hamah is the southern pole of the Astral Globe, and it affects wisdom and knowledge. Heshical is known as the Heart of the Wanderer. It affects the passage of events in time. Dentrah is known as the “Torch of Hama” and represents leadership and guidance. Athusal is known as the “Red Star” and the next brightest to Torchus. It represents struggle and victory, as well as war and conflict.

The Illerians were very fond of creating symbols, and they established the constellations. How the moons and planets fall into the constellations is the basis of known Mathojan astrology.

Astrology and the Planes

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