The most popular calendar used on the Mathojan Peninsula is the New Mathojan Calendar. The Wuld and Grumald use this calendar, at least when they deal with the Mathojans on any level.


The names to the days and weeks is considered the “Old Reckoning” and the numbered days are considered the “New Reckoning”. The Old Reckoning is a throwback to the Old Empire’s calendar, while the New Reckoning has started to come into use within the past twenty years. The Wuld use the New Reckoning only, while the Grumald use a combination of the two, using the names of the days and the numbered days, but tossing out the week names. The Mathojans are beginning follow suit with the Grumald.

There are also twelve months to a NMC Year, and are divided up three months per season, which has an equal importance in Mathojan culture. The months are:

1) Frostground
2) Woodshare (Winter Solstice and New Mathojan Year first day of month)
3) Snowhalt

4) Sproutground
5) Firstblossom (Spring Equinox first day of month)
6) Greenleaf

7) Fullbloom
8) Beeshare (Summer Solstice last day of Month)
9) Earlyharvest

10) Turnleaf
11) Midharvest (Fall Equinox first day of the month)
12) Last Harvest

As a note, if you go by the old reckconing, the game starts Khzar Day, Earth Week of the month of Turnleaf, in the 297th year of the New Calendar. If you go by the new or scholar’s reckoning then the game starts on the 1st day of Turnleaf, 297NMC.


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