Guilds and Organizations

Nearly every race on the Mathojan Peninsula has organizations that appeal to a certain set of people or interests. Most are rather benevolent, seeking to aid those that work in the same profession or have the same set of beliefs or values. A small handful are malevolent and reject what the other races deem as good, right or sometimes lawful.

Titlebar mathojan

The Mathojans have the greatest number of guilds (ludris) and organizations, the ones that are known are listed here. Unknown organizations also are thought to abound.

Khzar’s Loyal Men
The Khzar’s Loyal Men are also known as the “Khzar’s Men” and will fight to the death for the Khzar and his causes. They usually serve as his bodyguards. The Khzar employs 81 of them, and no more than 18 are with the Khzar at one time. [Anyone wanting portray one of the Khzar’s Loyal Men will need to talk to the GM first]

Royal Company of Rangers
The Royal Company of Rangers was created after the Bandit Wars in 252 NMC. They patrol a days’ journey from the King’s Gates from the Great Western Ocean to the northern reaches of Ninda Wood. They have been reduced down to a force of about 100 men, operating in units of 10. This group is based in Los.

Rosinjil’s Rangers
Rosinjils Rangers were a yeomanry-type group that was raised by the famous Rosinjil the Bowman in 159 NMC at the outset of the First Sidhe War. It still exists, but is considered inactive for military service. It is now much like a hunting club with about 150 members that go out on a monthly basis to learn and hone their skills. This group is based in Rosinj.

Golden Swords
The Golden Swords is a ludris devoted to providing mercenaries as guards for homes, merchant and market caravans, and as bodyguards. The Golden Swords have a ludris in every Mathojan city, but they are based in Janic. Members are usually always hired out, and membership is 2 Lyrai a month, plus 10% of what the employers pay out for a job.

Order of the Ivory Cup
At the forefront of non-university knowledge is the Order of the Ivory Cup. This Order is an off-shoot of the Royal University that consists of some former teachers and graduated sages who bonded together to form a base of knowledge apart from the University. Dues to be part of this group is 1 Danai per month, and this grants members access to all knowledge the Order has. The Order is based in Caman.

Knights of the Crimson
Not an official military Order, the Knights of the Crimson are from the noble families, and in their post-military life have been sworn to protecting the Khzardom in any way they can. They are well connected and if any trouble arises, they’re sure to be there. Dues to be part of this group is 5 Danai per month, and this grants members services to keep up their arms and armor, as well as dwelling in all the cities, towns and villages in the Khzardom. The Knights are based in a keep outside of Janic.

Knights of the Sun
This is an official military order. Many of the Knights of the Sun’s experienced members are officers in the Mathojan army. They are closely affiliated with the Knights of the Crimson, and upon retirement most its members join the “Crimsons”, as they are called in knightly ranks. The “Suns” are have been sworn to protecting the Khzardom with their lives. Dues to be part of this group is 7 Danai per month, and this grants members services to keep up their arms and armor, as well as dwelling in all the cities, towns and villages in the Khzardom. The Knights are based in a keep in the Navy Docks and Garrison District of Lis.

Songsters of the Road
The Songsters of the Road is a ludris of bards. They have no home base, but they do gather every summer solstice in Dolja at the Grand Theatre of Dolja. Every year members must submit a song or a poem to a panel of elder bards. If the bard passes, then their membership with the Songsters is renewed. Membership in the Songsters also means continual employment, for businesses and nobles ask for them above others.

Thieves’, Assassin’s and Beggar’s Ludrisa
There are organized bands of thieves in the cities, as well as beggars and assassins. These organizations have a very low profile and do not willing expose themselves to society at large. More is written about them in Ludris of Thieves .

Merchant’s, Smith’s and Artisan’s Ludrisa
These exist in all cities and most towns and usually provide opportunities for employment for PCs.

Titlebar grumald

The Grumald Guilds are very much like the Mathojan’s Ludrisa, but for the exception that the largest most influential is a smith’s guild, rather than a warriors’ or sages’ guild.

Loyal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Blacksmiths
If there was an organization like the present world Masons, the Loyal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Blacksmiths is it. You must, of course, be a blacksmith before you can join. All Grumald smiths are blacksmiths, which is the first step in any smithy specialization. The Loyal Brotherhood and Sisterhood is not only professional, it is political with some religious elements. It empowers members go out and display Grumald crafting to the world so as to ensure employment and act as ambassadors and spies if needed.

Guilds and Organizations

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