Ongoing Time Line

This is the ongoing timeline for the Chronicles of a Dead Empire setting.

Turn Leaf, 296 NMC (Early Fall)

11 – Blue Sashes a powerful thieves ludris in Lis, lead by Ultan Qesvek, pull off a brazen theft of a set of jewels from Lady Mareja Hylexul, including the Necklace of Emeralds, a House Hyexul heirloom. This theft flaunts Qesvek’s power at the other ludrisa.

23 – Ultan Qesvek is assassinated and the Necklace of Emeralds is returned, along with all the stolen jewelry. His second in command, Lorimus Gajinec disappears with Oto, his bodyguard and Qesvek’s son.

Firstblossom, 297 NMC (Spring)

1 – Khzar Valijec repeals the Edict of Mathoja, and spreads the word that an adventuring company can retrieve some Royal artifacts that were lost in the years after the Day of Night, he would give them a Royal Commission (Royal backing) to proceed to the north.

4 – The Company of Six is formed in Lis.

Beeshare, 297 NMC (Summer)

11 – The Company of Six attempts to breach Bavzin Redhanded’s Stronghold only to be thrown back bloodied and stunned. The badly wounded leader of the Company, Daljan calls it quits and retires to Dolja.

Early Harvest, 297 NMC (Late Summer)

15 – Newly minted “Palajeka” Shayla Kae is given her assignment to report to the town of Dolja and report to the Damar Laetroto. She is also tasked to find a place amongst one of the adventuring companies forming up after the Khzar’s proclamation.

At the same time, the Wuld cleric Seredoc, the Grumald cleric Wrennor are separately making their way to the north to find a place in an adventuring company.

A Wuld padfoot, Gitsi, is working at the Crystal Tankard Stay in Dolja as a waiter for Lady Thindi, an expatriate Sidhe. Lagzy, another Wuld cleric, is studying the Mathojan people as part of a routine Wuld information gathering mission.

Norah, a Mathojan illusionist and Shunderson, a Mathojan warrior are in Lis, plying their respective trades. Phenious and Rose, Wuld and Grumald bountyhunters are in Pery, about the commissioned to locate a couple of brothers with an ‘affliction’.

18Shayla Kae arrives in Dolja, and later in the evening is met by Gitsi, who has been listening to the retired adventurer Daljan about his exploits. Daljan knows the location of Bavzin’s Stronghold and the tales connected with it. S*hayla Kae* also attracts the attention of Lagzy who also curious. Seredoc also enters the scene as he has wandered into Dolja and is seeking food and shelter. He overhears Shayla, Gitsi and Lagzy’s conversation and offers his assistance, to Lagzy’s behest. They decide to see if they can successfully breach Bavzin’s old stronghold.

19 – The adventurers buy equipment, and later make the decision to leave town the next day.

20-22 – Party travels southwest toward the Low Hills, most of the last two days are spent traveling in the Low Hills and finally locating the ruins.

23 – The party enters Bavzin’s stronghold, and quickly encounters a Mathojan Bear that had been sickened and crazed. The bear is overcome, and more exploration is done, including finding some skeletons and finally encountering some Mathojan Ghouls that had taken up residence in the place. Gitisi is severely wounded and finally drug out to safety. The remaining party members go back in and take of some of the ghouls before calling it a day. They are attacked by more ghouls that evening, which are driven back.

24 – Party once again enters the stronghold, and is confronted by a stronger form of undead, Shayla insists its a lich of some sort. Whatever it was, it manages to inflict some serious damage to the party, Gitsi is again wounded to the point of unconsciousness once Lagzy and Seredoc’s healing powers are spent. The party beats a hasty retreat.

25Brahn departs from the Hard Hills in search of an adventuring party to join that is going to the north. Meanwhile, the party in Bavzin’s stronghold make a third attempt at finding treasure, and are successful at finding the Khzara’s Circlet. They push on, finding an ancient temple area, only to successfully enter and beset on by more lich-like beings. A water trap is set off, flooding the chambers. Shayla and the Wuld barely make it out, with the Wuld being stuffed in a barrel, and rolled out by the paladin. A benevolent spirit grants the party betterment on an attribute.

26 – The party heads back to Dolja.

28 – The party arrives in Dolja and contemplates next steps. Gitsi discovers that he is being sought out by an ex-captain of the guard of Bis known as “Falcon” and his henchman “Fang”. Apparently, Falcon has unfinished business with Gitsi.

29Phenious and Rose leave Pery tracking Rulf and Yohn, the afflicted Wuld brothers toward Lis. The party in Dolja is creating a plan of escape for Gitsi, by throwing Falcon and Fang off his track and going southward to Lis.

Turnleaf, 297 NMC (Early Fall)

1 – In Wuld Culture, the Wuldruhan holiday is celebrated.

2 – The party arrives in Lis. The party becomes embroiled in some intrigue involving the sheriff of the Wuld District in Lis and the Underwharf District.

3Norah and Shunderson leave Lis and travel northward. Brahn arrives in Bis, while Wrennor arrives in Lis to speak to the Grumald faithful. The party resolves the affair of the Underwharf and meet up with the newly arrived Phenious and Rose, who have tracked Rulf and Yohn to Lis. In the evening, the party wake up to Yohn attempting to break Rulf out of jail. Yohn is captured and negotiates for better treatment from Lagzy, in return for a map.

9Norah and Shunderson arrive in Los. They hear of the rumors of the Tower and the Vyzar’s ban on disturbing the ruins, and plan to go up to investigate the next morning.

13 – The party hastily leaves the ruins of the Tower of Tresonos.

19 – The party arrives in Lis. They make plans to present their findings to the Khzar the next day.

20 – The party obtain commission from Khzar Valijec to go northward and explore. They gain items of power from the Khzar’s vaults to help them along on their adventures.

22 – The party is called to Othzar Lucas for news of their departure so the Khzar’s son can plan a celebration commemorating the beginning of a new era. The Othzar receives news that the “Brotherhood” might be looking to disrupt the adventurers. The party sees their ship for this time. They inspect it for infiltrators and settle in for the evening.

23 – The party meets the Mathzar Bruthus who wants to plan for celebration. Lagzy goes to Othzar Lucas to discuss the “Brotherhood” and rumors of evils to the north, and validity of their claims. Later in the evening, group of men unsuccessfully attempt to snatch Seradoc, and then Shunderson. Everyone retreats to the ship.

24 – The Khzar comes to inspect the ship and ask about its new name. Lagzy mentions that it is the “Blessed Breeze”, but the Khzar’s men read it to be the “Backside Breeze” – reflecting a surreptitious change that Gitsi had made to the surprise of the rest of the party.

25 – The party warns the Captain of the “Breeze” of the Brotherhood’s designs about stopping the “Breeze” from going northward. They also consult with a sage and astrologer at the Royal University about the history of the north. In the evening, elements of the Brotherhood attempt a run at the ship, but they are repelled. The Captain is lightly wounded, and one of the Brotherhood’s number is captured.

26 – There is a huge celebration and speech by the Khzar before the “Breeze” takes to the waters. The Khzar hands Lagzy a couple of scrolls destined for delivery to the Khzar’s Field Captain and the Bandit Lord at Ban – a mission that the Khzar says will lead to peace.

30 – The party sights a ship with black sails and a black flag with a crimson sun symbol far off to the west. The winds kick up and clouds begin to roll in.

Mid Harvest, 297 NMC (Fall)

8 – The Breeze sights the fishing village of Ulec. The black-sailed ship is shadowing the Breeze. The party lands and meets the Captain of Ulec who demands that they give over some of their rations. Some finagling from Gitsi wins a month’s rations. The party concocts a plan to take the black ship, who they discover is captained by a woman known as the “Demon of Sea”.

9 – The Breeze goes and meets the black ship. Later known as the “Sea Battle at Ulec”, the Breeze takes some damage, but manages to drive off the black ship. The Breeze is lightly damaged, and suffers the loss of eight sailors and 10 soldiers. Gitsi and Seradoc want to pursue the ship and convince the other to go along. Soon they discover the Black Ship is armed with catapults and break of any further attack. The Breeze returns to Ulec and offloads supplies. Unbeknownst to Brahn, his rum stores are given away too.

10 – The party collects another member, Breza, who is formerly of the Khzar’s army and seems to not be well-liked by her officers. She is released from service, and comes to be a guide for the party. They set out with a patrol to the ex-Bandit town of Fael that morning.

11 – Bandits meet up with the patrol, and manage to recruit some deserters for their forces. The party manages to talk their way down from a battle, and take the bandits for travel companions.

In Sidhe Culture this day marks the celebration of Tengidar.

12 – The bandits part ways with the party, and leave amicably. The bandits promise to meet the party outside of Fael and guide them to Ban.

13 – Giant attack! A couple of Mathojan giant attacks the party, who ride as hard as they can for the exception of Shayla and Seredoc who manage to kill one and drive the other away.

15 – The party reaches Fael and delivers part of the Khzar’s correspondence.

16 – The party leaves for Ban that morning.

18 – The bandits meets up with the party and guide them to Ban. To everyone’s dismay, Ban has been overrun in a giant attack. Breza and Brahn discover that a set is headed for the east and another is headed west. The party splits up, with Seredoc and Brahn going west, following the flight of the townsfolk, and the others head east toward the giants.

19Seredoc and Brahn are able to catch up with the townsfolk of Ban and help them fight off a couple giant attacks that evening. Reza, Gitsi, Nora, Shunderson and Shayla track the giants and find some men, mostly dead on the side of the trail.

20Breza, Shayla, Gitsi, Nora and Shunderson discover the giant’s encampment.

Breza and Shayla beat a retreat back toward Van where they are harried by a giant hunting party and their wolves. The dire wolves attack, leaving Shayla close to death. She communes with a higher power who tasks her with defeating a wolf. She fails and is quested into finding a great evil and destroying it to atone for her apparent inadequacy and cowardice.

The others hatch a plan and wait until evening. Then they steal into camp and rescue the townsfolk who were catured, including the leader of Ban. They also collect Mara a warrior of the Majohlie. They escape the giants.

21Seredoc and Brahn and townsfolk of Ban reach the village of Ban on the coast, fighting a running battle with the giants, finally driving them off. Breza, Gitsi, Nora, Shunderson, Shayla and Mara with the rescued townsfolk travel through the day, reaching Ban that evening.

22Breza, Gitsi, Shayla and Mara leave for Van. Nora and Shunderson decide to stay and help rebuild Ban with the intent of establishing an entertainment house.

24Breza, Gitsi, Shayla and Mara arrive in Van and reunite with Seredoc and Brahn.

25 – The party departs Van to Fael.

28 – The party arrives in Fael and reports to the Captain of forces there.

29 – The party departs Fael and returns to Ulec.

Last Harvest, 297 NMC (Late Fall)

3 – Party arrives in Ulec and immediately makes preparations to travel. Lagzy meets back with the party. Mara indicates here people are to the north, and describes a couple routes to get to them.

7 – The “Demon of the Sea” is sighted and the party decides to stand and fight with the “Breeze”.

8 – The captain of the “Breeze” finds a cove, and the party prepares a hasty ambush. That evening, the “Demon of the Sea” swoops in, only to have her ship stopped and lit aflame. Shayla manages to catch the “demon witch” ashore and defeats her. Her quest/atonement is ended and she is restored.

10 – The “Breeze” comes to the mouth of the Prysyx River. Mara warns everyone that the mouth of the river is infested with Gragul-Ka, and even if they could get past, the “Breeze” can only make it within three days walk of Majohlie territory. The other option is to go through Lokkaar territory to the north. The party opts to go northward.

13 – The “Breeze” drops anchor north of the Prysyx River, and soon meets up with the Lokkaar. Mara is disguised to look like a foreigner. They all are summarily made "guests’ and brought to a camp. The tribe elders question the party about their reasons for coming.

14 – Once the Lokkaar elders discover the reason for the party’s quest, they allow them to leave under the condition they bring along Bardoc, a son of the tribe’s chieftain, so he can attain manhood by blood. They are ambushed by Gragul-Ka later in the day, but manage to scare them off without too much injury.

16 – The party reaches the Bridge of Mefeialla that crosses the Snakeback River and into the Swamps of Korregh. Beyond is a Hive colony of Gragul-Ka. They encounter the Clakars or winged apes of legend, and Gragul-Ka sent to confront them. Gitsi, Shayla,Brahn, Mara, Bardoc and Seredoc are taken prisoner. Lagzy, Gitsi and Breza remained free, and decided to break the others out of the hive complex.

Lagzy hatches a plan to dress Breza in a Clakar skin and have her investigate the hive. The plan goes badly when the Clakars recognize that think is one of their own is injured and some sweeping down to bring her up to the hive. Breza nearly slips to her death, but is picked up by a Clakar and taken prisoner. Gitsi manages to infiltrate the hive, and in a bold move manages to free Shayla, Mara, Bardoc and Seredoc. Brahn manages to instigate a fight and the Gragul-Ka make a mistake taking out of the cage to beat him further. Being taken down to the bottom of the hive, Breza manages an escape. Lagzy follows Gitsi in and helps to liberate the others. The party, liberated, run into the swamps.

18 – The party decides to heal up, and they escape the swamps and proceed to Saradis, Mara ’s home city, and the closest city of the Majohlie. The trip is an easy one, and they are able to avoid too much trouble, except a narrow encounter with some Lokkaar tribesmen and a Majohlie frontier house.

Frostground, 297 NMC (Early Winter)

1 – The party arrives at the gates of Saradis.

Woodshare, 298 NMC (Winter – New Years)

Ongoing Time Line

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