Social Status

As with any society ancient or otherwise, where one stands in the order of things is very important. It is the distinction that separates the kings from paupers, monks from high priests and a levee from a general. In Mathoja, all races have a social order that is well documented. The cost of maintaining social status is detailed in Money and Equipment.

To better understand social status, the following list ranks it from 0 (the lowest) to 12 (the highest):

Level 0: Dregs of society – outcasts, thieves, common criminals, thugs, beggars, street people, indentured servants, prostitutes, cripples (Sidhe) 1st level Thief starts here

Level 1: Lower class – servants, military levees, apprentices, shepherds, miners, entertainers, madams/pimps, learners (Sidhe) 1st level Illusionists and Bards start here

Level 2: Artisan/Citizen class – modest merchants (grocers, dry goods), artisans of various trades (potters, weavers, ropemakers), barkeeps, journeymen, non-rank soldiers and sailors, farmers, ranchers, providers (Sidhe) 1st level Fighters and Rangers start here

Level 3: Merchant/Lowest Sage class – moderately successful merchants and business owners, money changers, blacksmiths, neophyte clerics, neophyte scholars, NCO soldiers and sailors, low level warriors(Sidhe) 1st level Clerics and Magic Users start here

Level 4: Successful Merchant/Low Sage class – successful merchants and business owners, successful money changers, skill specialists (cartographers, barbers, fine metal smiths), renowned artisans and blacksmiths, low ranking military officers, low level clerics, low level scholars, neophyte druids (Sidhe), warriors (Sidhe) 1st level Paladins and Druids start here

Level 5: Rich Merchant/Low Middle Sage class – Rich Merchant/Low Sage class – rich merchants, business owners and money changers, renowned skill specialists (cartographers, barbers, fine metal smiths), low level magistrates and law keepers, low middle level clerics, low middle level scholars, middle ranked military officers, low level Druids

Level 6: Non-noble Ranked/Middle Sage class – High ranked non-noble military officers, middle level magistrates and law keepers, middle level clerics, middle level scholars

Level 7: Low Noble/Upper Sage class – Low ranked noble military officers, high level magistrates and law keepers, upper middle level clerics, upper middle level scholars, knighted fighters. 1st level Knights start here

Level 8: High Noble/High Scholar class – Middle ranked noble military officers, high level clerics, high level scholars

Level 9: Prince/Princess and High Priest class – Mathzar/Mathzara, High Priest of Order, High Chief (Sidhe), Arch Druid (Sidhe)

Level 10: High Advisor class – Haluka/Halukara, Othzar/Othzara, Grand Druid (Sidhe)

Level 11: Ruler class – Khzar/Khzara, King/Queen, Great Druid (Sidhe)

Level 12: Emperor class – Emperor of Illeria


In terms of races, the Mathojae (humans), Grumald (dwarves) and Wuld (halflings) societies are roughly equivalent and portable, while Sidhe (elves) would be adjusted 1 class down in other societies, while other races would be adjusted 1 class down in Sidhe society.

The Sage social class includes clerics and magic users, which are referred to as “Scholars”.

Social Status

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