The Vyzulka is collective the name for the minor noble families of Mathoja. Most of the Vyzulka are descended from the eleven brothers of Wyhzarec, the first Khzar of Mathoja. Two houses were added when Mathojan Khzardom joined the Illerian Empire. They hold the position in Mathojan society as the middle nobility, the one who interface daily with the subjects of the Khzar. They are the rulers of the towns and districts, officers in the army and navy and advisers to the Khzulka families.

The Khzar is also considering bestowing on certain families of the former bandit towns of The Neck, now known as the Northern Mathojan Landgress, the title of Vyzar. The hereditary Vyzulka are against this, but the Illerian houses are supporting it. This has caused a widening rift between the Vyzulka and the Khzulka.

The Vyzulka families are:

Baeyzul: This House presides over Holik and the Barithian Islands under Mathojan rule. The Baeyzul sigil is the Dolphin.
Kytilec: This House presides over Dolja and the District of Dolja. The Kytilec sigil is the Horse.
Kalkriz: This House presides over Bulga and the District of Bulga. The Kalkriz sigil is a Mathojan Wolf.
Kaie: One of the two Illerian Houses. Without district, but have Vyzarship over Ren.
Ulstan: The other Illerian House. Presides over Belja and the District of Belja. The Ulstan sigil is a Ship.


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