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The Khzardom of Mathoja has been out of contact with the rest of the Old Empire for nearly three centuries. A terrible conflict and fatally futile attempts to contact the Empire left the distant kingdom to fend for itself. To make matters worse, most of Mathoja’s able-bodied men died on the bloody battlefields of the north, or simply never returned when expeditions were sent to re-establish contact with the Empire after the apocalyptic Night of Day. Then Khzar Barthus cut off all contact with the outside world. Mathoja was by itself.

It is the the now. Mathoja has recovered and has adapted to the reality that maybe it is the last bastion of the civilized races. Khzar Valijec thinks differently. He is ready to help sponsor any expedition to the north. The word has gone out, brave and stout souls are interested. Rumors float about that expeditions are forming and heeding the King’s call, while others want all the riches of Empire to themselves. Will you join one of the companies forming?

To start your adventure, take a look at the Chronicles of a Empire wiki. All you need to know to start your character will be there.

Illustrations by: Shaman’s Stockart and backgrounds by Sade

The Chronicles of a Dead Empire

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