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Here you’ll find the information you need to start adventuring in the world of the Chronicles of a Dead Empire. You’ll first know what you need in order to play, create a character, and finally equip your character to face unknown and unspeakable dangers.

Then you’ll move on to learning about the world that you’ll be adventuring in. Your homeland, culture and even what you should look like will be detailed. Simply click on a link and start exploring. Soon you’ll feel like you’ve been there before.

Lastly, you can look at the fine details of the world; calendars, festivals, laws, customs and culture, as well as know the flora and fauna so you can fill out your imagination and know what to do as a native of Mathoja.

Before you go any further, I recommend that you read the Dungeon Master’s Introduction. This will spell out how the DM plays, the game’s influences, as well as my own expectations for the players.

Creating a Character

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If you’re looking at creating and equipping a character, please go to the What You Need to Play page first, then to Creating a Character and House Rules for Campaign, then finally to Money and Equipment. These pages will give you insight into creating your character.

After you have created your character, please register her or him in the Characters wiki. Only put in the information that other players would be able to know currently. For example, if you have first met, just a description would be fine. Put a quick impression in the Quick Description field like: “Gruff and tall, dressed in colorful clothes and long black hair flowing from under a foppish hat.” Don’t use the Crunch field – that info is between the DM and you and all information placed in that field is open to everyone. Use Fluff to make a detailed description — only what everyone knows in the current time.

If you’re stuck on a concept, want some creative inspiration, or need a little more insight on the DM’s style of play, check out Handy Hints and Tips.

Knowing what you already Know


All that your character knows starts with this page, What Your Character Knows. This page gives players an idea of what information available to their characters. Your character already knows quite a bit about who they are, where and what culture they come from and other bits of knowledge. This is your opportunity to do some “catching up”.

To know what is legal or illegal in the world, go to Local Laws and Customs. This is a small primer in what the laws are among the different lands of Mathoja, what your character typically should know, and the possible results that come from not following the rules.

Knowing where you stand in society is a good thing, especially if you want to hobnob with nobles, high priests, high scholars and rich merchants. Go to Social Status for the details on where you’ll start from on the social ladder.

Finer Details


Sometimes it’s not enough to know where things are at or laws and customs, but it’s good to know the things that add depth to your character or sharpen the focus of the world that your character inhabits. You’d like to know what Calendar you live by, what are the different festivals and holidays, popular songs and tales. Also, you’ll want to know what is in the sky and what it portends to you in Astrology and the Planes.

You will want to know where to go for good and services. The Trades and Professions page details where to go and what the usual prices to expect. If you work for a living or have a desire to belong to a like-minded group, go to the Guilds and Organizations page.

Lastly, what constitutes a steed in Mathoja as opposed to something you eat? What kind of plants are beneficial or deadly? As a denizen of Mathoja, you’ll know some basic things that you would know to avoid or seek out if needed. Go to Flora and Fauna to find out what to expect in nature.

A Final Note

If you enjoy the artwork that is on Chronicles of a Dead Empire, please go to the Contributing Artists’ Page and read up on the talented individuals who worked hard to make CDE a visually appealing site. Lastly, if you live in the Raleigh, NC area, I invite you to the Raleigh Tabletop RPGs Meetup.

Illustrations by: Chris Hemphill , Shaman’s Stockart and backgrounds by Sade

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